The Advisory Board

Mr. Raju Boddu was recommended and appointed as Chairman of the Advisory Committee of ABSEZ by Minister of Finance and Corporate Governance on Wednesday 28th, August 2019.

Functions of the Advisory Board:

  • Advise the Minister on policy and strategy in order to promote, develop and supervise the management of a Special Economic Zones;
  • Monitor the implementation of the Special Economic Zones policy and strategy and report to the Minister on an annual basis on the implementation of such policy and strategy;
  • Report in the prescribed manner to the Minister on progress relating to the development of Special Economic Zones;
  • Advise the Minister on minimum norms and standards required for the provision of a one stop shop in a Special Economic Zone;
  • Advise the Minister on initiatives to market Special Economic Zones; and
  • Assess and review the success of Special Economic Zones.